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Sharing Your Home Care Experience is Helpful to Others

How so? Online reviews are as closely trusted as a personal recommendation, and according to statistics, sometimes more. When searching for senior home care services for a loved one in the Galveston area, your online review can help encourage their decision, as well as bring comfort during a difficult process.

Here are some of our 60+ reviews on which have earned us a 5-star overall ranking and 2017 and 2018 Caring Star Award. It is testimonials like these that help loved ones make difficult decisions every day.

"They try to send out different people. Not only do they come in and help me with my husband, but they take him for a walk and have been getting him outside more. They bathe him and exercise him. That takes the pressure off me for a few hours."

- Nancy H.

"The young woman who looked after my husband was really devoted to him and always made sure he was comfortable. She was superb. It really was a big help to me. The most important thing was attending to my husband's bath because I'm not strong enough to support him."

- Maxine R.

"The worker that we have is very loyal. We have had this caregiver for three or four years and may have only missed one day because of their devotion to my loved one. I live six hours away, so when we first used the care, we had to get up to ten hours of care a day and it was a relief to know that they were taking care of my loved ones. It is also a relief to know that the caregiver will come everyday because it is easier for me to not have to worry about them."

- Joyce D.

"I have been very pleased. The caregivers have been on time, very clean cut, and professional, and that impresses me. I don't have to worry that she is here by herself. I know she is in good hands and my mind can be free to do what I need. I like the peace of mind."

- Nancy L.

"They provide a substitute if the regular caregiver can't come. One time, I had a substitute that I almost canceled because they didn't tell me they found one. They need to improve their communication. They do things that I cannot do like buying my groceries."

- Maxine M.

"It's all in the character and personality in the person that they provided for me. She's beyond my dreams because she's my friend, she talks to me, she takes care of me, and she likes me. I'm capable of almost anything with my caregiver's help but without her I can't do anything."

- Lois C.

"They screen their employees and back them up. So far, it has been a good experience and I'm satisfied. They've had to drive me to various doctor appointments. I couldn't handle that on my own. I'm still able to do bathe and drive, but I'm 90 years-old, so I'm transitioning to where I will need more services."

Marianna C.

"They were efficient and showed up on time. I felt comfortable leaving my husband in their care. They helped Robert with medication management and that's something I couldn't have done while recovering."

- Robert H.

"The caregiver thinks of things for my comfort that I don't think about. She always makes sure I use my walker, and she's very, very thoughtful. My caregiver and I hit it off very well. I can't drive anymore, and she takes me to run errands."

- Diane D.

"The service I get from the caregiver that I have is outstanding because she is a wonderful young lady. She is very cooperative and caring and I couldn't ask for more. However, the office staff doesn't have good accounting procedures and I have complained about it many times and have gotten no results. She is willing to do whatever I ask her to do with a smile on her face."

- JoAnn F.

"Everything has been fine and we've had no real problems with Right at Home. The caregiver we've had has been real good. Right at Home also takes care of any filing problems. I don't have to worry about it. Right at Home has helped with day-to-day things so I can go to work. Someone is here in case anything goes wrong. It's very light work, no cooking, just making sure my wife can go to the bathroom and change."

- John S.

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