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Palm Beach, Florida
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Home Care in Palm Beach, FL

Home Care in Palm Beach, Florida

Welcome! We are Bruce and Judy Gropper, owners of Right At Home home care agency serving all Palm Beach area and City of Palm Beach, Florida. Our Palm Beach office offers senior home care services in the comfort and familiarity of your home. We tailor our care through our Custom Care Plan, designed to provide you the best
in-home caregiving services that fit your needs, including dementia care and Alzheimer's care.

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It is difficult to pinpoint the exact age when an adult becomes a geriatric patient. It is a gradual process that enforces the need for some kind of support by family or medical staff without which, the patient may be worse off. That's where Right at Home comes in.

We offer a wide range of senior care services designed to help seniors and their families maintain a comfortable, safe and healthy environment during their lifetime. We are a trusted, experienced senior home care provider in Palm Beach, FL.


Senior Home Care Services:

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Caregivers reviews

Bruce and his Right at Home staff go above and beyond to help care for my mother. I have nothing but positive things to say. Amazing caregiver, always on time, caring, sensitive, intelligent, and engaging.

Sue Ann

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Home Care in Palm Beach, FL - Home Care Assistance Video

Home Care in Palm Beach, FL

At Right at Home Senior Home Care Agency, our business is to provide you the placement of top quality home health care services to ensure the safety and well being of your loved one. Our senior home care services are available to help and assist your senior family member or friend to live as independently as possible. Our passionate caregivers will always treat our senior clients with respect, compassion, and promote their independence. Call Right at Home in Palm Beach today at (561) 214-4499 to find how the Right Care is Right at Home.

Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Assistance

Memory Care at Home 

As the population of those affected with Alzheimer’s and dementia continues to grow, we understand that many people need support for health care at home. Alzheimer’s patients who stay at home often feel more comfortable and safe. Our compassionate and experienced caregivers can help your loved one by providing nutritious meals, comfort and familiarity, medication reminders, and social engagement.

Right at Home Palm Beach also offers Alzheimer’s care support for family caregivers and family members with loved ones living with illness, as well as dementia care. We understand that Alzheimer’s not only affects those diagnosed when memory loss but the quality of life of those around them too. If you have any questions at any time of day, we're here to help.

Home Care Palm Beach - Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and Dementia
Home Care Palm Beach, FL | Respite Care

Respite Care

Overseeing your senior friend or relative's care can be a rewarding experience. However, despite its rewards, being the primary caregiver for an elderly loved one can be emotionally, physically, and mentally draining if they're not in a care home. After all, you must manage your own life and have responsibilities of your own to attend to.

Being the primary support system comes at a cost to your own life some may not realize at first. You may find it easy to manage their medication and other needs at first, but after a while, you start missing work or must leave early to tend to emergencies, you start sleeping in later or missing sleep all together, or you become overwhelmed and start making mistakes, losing your overall quality of life. Respite care provides services that help the family caregiver in more ways than one. It allows them to spend time with other important people in their life, to relax and enjoy life as well.

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In-Home Care Services

At Right at Home we offer to provide personal home health and care assistance for your loved one. Our personal care services are designed to promote our clients' care, safety, mobility, and life with a high level of respect, professionalism, and dignity.


Introducing CaringOnDemand™

For families looking for less than 4 hours care per visit, sign up for CaringOnDemand, a new program designed to provide only the amount of care you need without hourly minimums.


Easy-to-Schedule Rides for Seniors

Now you can get safe, convenient and economical transportation to wherever you need to go with Right at Home Transport, powered by Lyft.

Personal Senior Care Services

Everyone’s needs are different. This is why we have senior care services that can cater to most concerns or needs that your elderly loved ones have to ensure the best care for their specific situation. At Right At Home, rest assured that our compassionate and responsible caregivers are always prepared to help and assist your elderly loved ones; whether it’s with basic senior care such as assisting with bathing, dressing, and getting out of bed, to specific care scenarios such as if they’re living with or recovering from certain illnesses or disabilities. Here are just some of our Senior Care services that we proudly offer to Palm Beach, FL.

Home Care Palm Beach FL: Personal Services

Our Private Duty Professional Elder Caregivers

Our professional elderly caregivers offer to make independent living possible for our clients by running errands, light housekeeping around the house, and giving seniors a helping hand when needed.

Home Care Palm Beach Florida: 24/7 Home Care

Our 24/7 In Home Care Services

At Right At Home we develop a custom care services plan designed to personalize your care that is built around your elder home care assistance needs. To any questions, we'll have the answers.

Home Care Palm Beach Florida: Elderly Companionship Care

Elderly Companionship Care

A growing number of elderly adults are becoming more socially isolated. As they age their mental and physical health decline, some seniors may feel the need to withdraw from social interaction.

Home Care in Palm Beach Service Area

Our compassionate, dependable, and responsible caregivers can provide home care services in Palm Beach and surrounding places for your elderly loved one even if they no longer live at home.

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