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How To Plan Vacations For Elderly Parents

Despite what many people think, being an older adult doesn't mean you're done traveling and exploring. The desire to explore and see the world doesn't vanish with age. The older we get, though, the harder it can get to travel safely.

Elderly Care

How To Deal With Aging Parents: 5 Tips For Family Caregivers

When an older person starts to need support as they age, most of the time, their family members will be there to provide them with care and love —spouses, adult children, parents, nephews or nieces, grandchildren, etc. The family members of older adults are by far the number one provider of long-term care support and services for their elderly, but what happens when the elderly don't want any help, even if they need it?

Elderly Care

How to Deal with Aging Parents

In case you're taking care of an elderly person that is continually acting poorly towards you, it is recommended you try to identify the root cause of their rage. The cycle of aging isn't easy. It can spark anger in seniors dealing with chronic pain, loss of friends, memory loss, etc. 

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